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      1.        Company's History -1
      2. 1988:Produced parts & accessories for domestic
                           appliance products, including stainless steel
      3. 1998:Focus on producting stainless steel door and
                           window hardware.

      4. 1999:Started to export to Europe and being and
                           OEM supplier.

      5. 2002:Was granted the operation right of import &

      6. 2003:Launched the MRP system
                           Moved to the new site (over 20,000 m2)
                            Have a stable sales network in European

      7. 2004:Introduced new equipment/machines.
                           Monthly average production capacity reached:
                                    - over 200,000 sets of handles
                                    - 220,000 pieces of hinges

      8. 2005:On the way of getting ISO 9001 certificate
                           Launching ERP system(modules for hardware
                           Working on production restructure to improve
                            the whole operation performance

      9. Company Vision
        Being the leading manufacturer of door & window hardware in China
        Company Mission
        Help every employee to fulfill themselves
        Being well-known as a Chinese company all over the world
        Company Core Values
      10. Self-Confidence
      11. Continuous Learning
      12. Responsibility
      13. Exceeding

      14. Quality policy & Target
      15. Quality Policy:

      16.         1、 Client oriented
                2、 Provide the products that satisfy the clients
                3、 Being the best among multi-national companies
      17. Quality Target(main):

      18.         1、 99% of finished product are qualified (not allowed A/B grade defects among the 1% unqualified ones)
                2、 93% + of client are satisfied
                3、 < 2% of compalints among the orders

           Foshan City, Guangdong Province Shunde Leliu Jiangcun Industrial Zone, East six Road NO.3
           (86-757)25333088(20 lines)
           (86-757)25557322  E-mail:info@jianlis.com